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The Gift of Choice with Bonnie Groessl

Dec 25, 2017

Life is a regenerative process. Life is a self-sufficient and self-sustaining unto itself. Using the principle of correspondences, these principles are embedded in the coMRA palm device. Using the impact of low-frequency laser, magnetic field and the four main colours it enhances the process of self-healing.

Onnik Merdinyan has gone through a number of changes and stages, and these eventually led him to friends who share common ideas and principles. Onnik has always been interested in how the world works and how life works. His search led him to Théun Mares, the founder of RLT.

Their interactions and work together helped Onnik clarify my knowledge, and also to see that life is a system of relationships that is completely interdependent, interactive and interconnected. Onnik already had some knowledge of this, but did not know how to use it in a life-supportive way.

As a result of our interactions I found my direction, and this has led me, to share my approach to life, to coMra–Therapy. I feel privileged to travel with my friends together on this rich and extravagant journey of discovery and exploration!


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