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The Gift of Choice with Bonnie Groessl

Jun 11, 2018

Join us today for an enlightening conversation about the higher self and the ego. My guest, Art Drentlau and I discuss how the higher self and the ego can work in harmony so we can experience bliss here on earth.   

Art Drentlau has studied the teaching of over 30 Spiritual Masters and Mentors for over 30 years. He understands how the Process of Creation works and can explain it in simple and easy to understand terms. He wants us to know that we are here on Earth to experience Ecstasy because that is our Birthright. He reminds us that there are two aspects of our Being.

The larger None Physical Eternal Higher-Self and the Physical-Self we have come to call the Ego. They are designed to work in Harmony but the Higher-Self will not force itself on you. You have the complete Freedom to Think and Believe and Act any way you choose to. Your Thoughts and Beliefs are processed through Universal Law and become your experiences. His goal is to help you help yourself Live the Life you were designed to and Experience the Bliss you came here for!

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Bonnie Groessl is a holistic entrepreneur, best-selling author, international podcaster and success coach. She is recognized as an expert in helping people attain their goals, by focusing on clarity, mindset and the most effective ways to achieve their desired outcome.  

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