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The Gift of Choice with Bonnie Groessl

Oct 15, 2018

Carol Gardner shares her story of a lifetime of illness that brought her from hospice to using nutrition to heal herself as well as others.

Carol was born with infant onset Lupus nearly 50 years ago, but it went undiagnosed for 21 years. She spent my youth crippled and on prednisone. At age 31, Carol was diagnosed with a rare form of MS called Progressive Relapsing MS. At age 46, she was hospitalized, paralyzed from the waist down and in stage 4 renal failure. As she was being transferred to Hospice care, she prayed for wisdom. The next day she woke up with an urge to research nutrition and how it affects the body. Six months after overhauling her diet, she was stronger and walking with a cane. That led Carol to study Holistic Nutrition in college at age 48. Now at 50, she is studying to become an alternative medicine doctor so I can help even more people get heathy with nutrition.

The Gift of Choice, hosted by Bonnie Groessl brings you insights and inspiration to live the life of health, happiness and abundance. Bonnie Groessl, MSN is an international podcast host, best-selling author, success coach and holistic nurse practitioner. 

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