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The Gift of Choice with Bonnie Groessl

May 8, 2017

Join guest, Marcy Morrison as she helps us find our passion and purpose so we can contribute to the World Change formula. Marcy’s Vision is a World Where Everyone Connects to Their Passion and Purpose to Change the World. Discover how to uncover your passion and purpose and live the life you deserve.

Marcy Morrison, founder of Careers with Wings, embodies that which she strives to evoke in others – energy, enthusiasm, passion and fun. Often referred to as bringing sunshine to every room she enters, Marcy helps others uncover and find their dream career via her books “Finding Your Passion: The Easy Guide to Your Dream Career” and “Falling in Love with Me: A Personal Journey and A Guide to Falling in Love with You” (in English and Spanish), coaching, speaking engagements, workshops and trainings.


The Gift of Choice, hosted by Bonnie Groessl brings you insights and inspiration to live the life of health, happiness and abundance. 

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