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The Gift of Choice with Bonnie Groessl

Jul 31, 2017

We all have it, but no one can give it to us. It’s a choice to use it. What is this mysterious super power? It’s belief. What do you believe about yourself? Join me as we talk about the power of belief and how it can create better health, happiness and abundance in your life.

Bonnie Groessl is a holistic...

Jul 24, 2017

Do you take time for you? Are you busy doing for everyone else and don’t have anything left for you? Join me as we talk about your priorities in life to see where you fit in. How taking time for you is a choice and one that will lead to better health, happiness and abundance.

Bonnie Groessl is a holistic entrepreneur,...

Jul 17, 2017

Join us today as we explore the power of self-value. Others will value you only as much as you value yourself. Your sense of self-worth makes a huge difference in all relationships and the abundance you allow into your life.    

Bonnie Groessl MSN, is a holistic nurse practitioner, best-selling author, international...

Jul 10, 2017

Join us today as we discuss the power of forgiveness. Letting go and opening up to forgiveness can make way for compassion, love and abundance. Forgiveness can lead to healthier relationships, greater spiritual and psychological well-being.

Bonnie Groessl MSN, is a holistic nurse practitioner, best-selling author,...

Jul 3, 2017

Join me today for our monthly group angel reading. Before each reading, I connect with God, my angels and guides, as well as all angels and guides for our community to deliver the most valid and useful information for your highest good. You will know what resonates with you.

Today we are using Doreen Virtue oracle...