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The Gift of Choice with Bonnie Groessl

Dec 12, 2016

Guest Yeshe Chodron shares with us the power of spirit healing and self-empowerment to create the life you deserve. We are all meant to enjoy a meaningful life that is flowing with love, commitment, and courage.

For almost two decades, Yeshe Chodron has been expertly guiding and mentoring women like you, in the areas of emotional connections and self-empowerment. When working with this powerful-yet-loving Shaman | Coach | Mentor, you’re resolving your issues with the numbness and disconnection that’s kept you feeling stuck, even years after overcoming active addiction and abuse cycles.

Yeshe and her clients are living proof that we can break the chains that bind us to our personal inner-trappings by empowering ourselves with love, commitment, and courage. And, that through these we can stand in our power safely and consistently, and live the fantastic life of our choosing." Today, she shares insights on loving the feminine and shadow self.

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